4 Tips to Avoid Cellulite During Pregnancy

Like most women in the world, many of you may also be affected by cellulite. You feel complexed by your body and your skin. You have tried many treatments that have not given you any results and you were afraid to expose you to a breast implant because of the dangers it could pose to your health.
That's why I decided to do a thorough research on everything about cellulite, research focused mainly on the factors that are causing it.

Weight gain is natural and necessary during pregnancy. However, during this gradual weight gain, cellulite usually appears and definitely emotionally it affects women who are in an important stage of their lives, but precisely when they feel less attractive than before.

This is why if you are pregnant and want to know how to prevent and reverse the effects of the orange peel that has appeared on your body, today I want to share some tips that will help you this formidable problem no longer a concern in your life; All this so you can enjoy your pregnancy because you deserve it!
As I mentioned to you at the beginning, weight gain during pregnancy is completely natural and necessary. However, cellulite appears when accumulate fat deposits under the skin. This happens when you increase weight; then the fat cells that lie beneath the skin grow and cause the appearance of these holes and dimples so unpleasant.

To avoid the appearance of cellulite during pregnancy, you should understand that it is necessary to lead a healthy life. Factors such as physical inactivity, poor circulation, lack of physical activity and excessive weight gain cause the surface of your skin uneven with this aspect of "orange peel" that you fear so much.
Having a healthy lifestyle not only helps prevent the appearance of cellulite, but also - and this is very important - help the growth of a healthy baby.
How to avoid cellulite during pregnancy:
1 The Plan
At this point, I recommend that you follow a diet high in fiber; Avoid foods high in fat and sodium; eat fruit and vegetables and also add three daily servings of grains.
2 Foods not to eat
Avoid or limit the maximum consumption of fried, butter, cream, pastries and reduce salt intake.
Do not consume alcohol or stimulant drinks such as coffee. If you smoke, stop and hang this bad habit that has been shown to be harmful to your health and that of your child.
3 Hydration
At this stage it is important that you stay hydrated. Drink at least three liters of water a day. This prevents a situation that favors the appearance of cellulite.
4 Moderate Physical Activity
The practice of physical activity is very healthy during pregnancy. But beware! "Do not overdo it! ". The best thing is to choose a physical activity of low intensity such as walking, cycling the quiet hiking, swimming or activities that relax you like yoga and meditation.

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