How To Get Rid of Rashes Under Breast

As we know that so many women or girls facing this common problem, that's the way we have brought this working remedy at he99 platform.

Apple cider vinegar to induce rid of Rash below Breast
Apple cider vinegar has been tried to treat all sorts of skin rashes effectively. therefore whether or not your rash below breast is because of fungus, bacteria, or irritation, vinegar could help relieve it. It helps you cure the inflammation and additionally reduces irritation and itchiness promoting the realm to heal quicker.

  1. Apple cider vinegar- 1-2 tbsp
  2. Water- 1-2 cups
  3. Cloth or cotton ball
  4. Do this:
  5. Dilute vinegar in water
  6. Soak the fabric or cotton ball during this solution.
  7. Wipe the affected space with this.
  8. Repeat 2-3 times every day.

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